Aspects of educational leadership

We have identified six aspects of educational leadership which underpin the learning activities on the Framework for Educational Leadership.

In identifying these, we have drawn knowledge from across the system including the GTCS Professional Standards and the SSSC Standard for Childhood Practice to ensure that the learning activities support you to have an active and effective role in improving outcomes for children and young people in Scotland. 

These are leading:

  • change - leadership of change processes within and beyond establishments
  • collaboration - leading and learning collaboratively in classrooms, establishments and communities
  • self-evaluation - leadership of self-evaluation for improvement
  • culture - leadership of culture, vision and values
  • learning -  leadership at all levels of high quality learning and teaching
  • self and others - leadership of self and others to develop and follow through on strategies.

These six aspects shape the design and content of the learning activities on the Framework, enabling you to focus on particular elements of practice, ensuring you are challenged and supported to focus your professional learning in ways which impact positively upon learners, colleagues and communities.