The Excellence in Headship programme supports head teachers who have been in post for two years or more to strengthen and expand their school leadership skills – with a strong focus on delivering excellence and equity for all children and young people in Scotland.


  • What are the benefits?

    The programme will enhance the capacity of headteachers to be lead learners through a focus on pedagogical leadership and increased awareness of, and engagement with, current thinking in relation to policy, literature and research. It also aims to help participants broaden their networks and structures to enhance collegial and collaborative capacity with peers and across the system. It will support the development of digital literacy as a core learning tool and facilitate authentic learning experiences to embed learning and practice which enhances understanding of organisational and system change and improvement. To achieve these objectives the programme is broken into six themes which are:

    • Leadership and critical self-awareness (two-day residential induction programme)
    • Leadership of learning
    • Values based leadership (a specific focus initially through partnership arrangement with Columba 1400)
    • People and partners (to include working with community champions)
    • Leading systems change (to include international knowledge exchange)
    • Organisational effectiveness.
  • Who is it for?

    The programme provides an annual offer of leadership professional learning opportunities, available in a range of formats, for all substantive headteachers who have normally been two years in post.

  • Duration

    There is no start and finish date to the programme. It will run on an annual basis and be available in a range of formats for all substantive headteachers. Once a participant has gone through the residential component in theme one they can choose from within and across the other themes a wide range of activities which are designed to help to meet targets identified in their professional review and development (PRD).

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