In Headship is a postgraduate programme for new head teachers which supports them to develop and continue to build the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding required of head teachers.

  • What are the benefits?

    The In Headship programme encompasses the role of headteacher as a strategic leader within, across and beyond the school community. It is designed to facilitate and support headteachers in the transition through the early stages of headship to enable them to develop as effective strategic leaders who contribute to system leadership.

    The programme is underpinned by a focus on professional problem solving and school improvement and structured to extend the personal, professional and intellectual knowledge and skills that new headteachers need to be able to lead school improvement in a dynamic policy context and anticipate and address the challenges that this may bring.

  • Who is it for?

    The In Headship programme is for substantive headteachers, normally within their first 2 years of headship, and is designed to provide headteachers with the support they require in transitioning to their new role.

    Normally participants will have at least 60 credits at SCQF Level 11 achieved through undertaking other elements of the Specialist Qualification for Headship Masters pathway.

  • Duration

    The In Headship programme will take approximately one year to complete.

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