Into Headship aims to ensure aspirant headteachers are supported to develop and continue to build the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding required of senior leaders. The qualification is aimed at those teachers whose next post will be that of a headteacher, likely to be within two to three years.

The programme is delivered in partnership between universities, local authorities and SCEL and includes a 60-credit postgraduate certificate qualification at SCQF level 11 which can form part of a Masters leadership pathway.


  • What are the benefits?

    Into Headship helps to prepare candidates for the specific demands, challenges and opportunities of being a successful headteacher in Scotland. The programme has been designed and is delivered in partnership with local authorities and Scottish universities and offers a number of supports, namely:

    • Introduction to and support with critical reading and academic writing
    • Access to a headteacher mentor as part of the programme
    • Online and face-to-face learning
    • Opportunities to develop networks and learn collaboratively with peers
    • Learning through the planning, application and reflection upon a strategic change initiative
    • Into Headship awards the Standard for Headship in Scotland, which will become mandatory for all new headteachers from 2020 onwards.
  • Who is it for?

    The Into Headship qualification is for GTCS registered teachers whose next post will be a headteacher, likely within the next 2-3 years. Candidates will be expected to have experience at a variety of levels with specific practice at a senior leadership level (within the complexity of situations across local authorities). Candidates will be expected to evidence engagement with career-long professional learning and demonstrate experience and capability at middle leadership.

  • Duration

    The Into Headship programme will take approximately 1 year to complete.

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