This programme for practising teachers covers the major elements of middle leadership and management in schools and is designed to provide you with a critical understanding of the principles underpinning middle leadership and management.

  • What are the benefits?

    If you are a Principal Teacher (or head of department/faculty): or are looking to progress into this role; and want to develop your skills as middle leaders in school, this programme is designed for you.It uses practice-focused learning to develop your capability to lead teaching and learning within your school (Department or Faculty); particularly to achieve the ambitions of Curriculum for Excellence.

    Our academic staff play a leading role in the area of professional and leadership development in Scotland. They have been involved in a range of research projects on headteacher recruitment, teacher leadership, coaching and leadership development, teachers’ work and collaborative professional enquiries. There is a focus on collaborative learning, drawing on your own experiences and those of your academic colleagues.

  • Who is it for?

    You should have an Honours degree in education or a related field, a minimum of three years professional experience following full GTCS registration, be endorsed by your employer (please provide a letter of support), and have access to a suitable workplace environment in order to be able to undertake the practice-based components of the programme. A brief synopsis of your leadership experience is also required.

  • Duration

    1 year (Part Time)

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