Towards Headship aims to build upon the professional learning undertaken during and subsequent to the Scottish Qualification for Headship (SQH) and Flexible Routes to Headship (FRH) programmes. Both GTCS accredited Standard for Headship programmes delivered previously are still recognised and although these programmes are no longer on offer, the award of the Standard for Headship remains valid. Towards Headship provides a set of experiences in which participants will continue their professional learning in the specific context of school leadership.

  • What are the benefits?

    Towards Headship provides an opportunity for participants to enhance their continuous professional learning in the area of school leadership. By fully engaging with the process you will be able to evidence professional growth and learning which will, in turn, support your journey towards your first headteacher post. It is not a mandatory programme and aims to facilitate continuous professional learning for teachers by building on that undertaken during SQH or FRH.

  • Who is it for?

    The Towards Headship programme is open to those who have successfully completed SQH / FRH and are likely to take up a headteacher post as their next career step.

  • Duration

    The Towards Headship Programme will consist of around 60 hours of professional learning time (including learning which takes place as part of practice) over an eight-month period.

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